Top 7 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

Owning and riding a motorcycle is a passion for most owners and for some it is an essential mode of transport.  Having the right riding clothing and accessories will make the whole experience of motorcycle ownership more enjoyable.  If you are riding it is nice to know that you can keep the little things in tip top order and enjoy your bike:

So, here we present the top 7 such essentials that are a must-have when riding your motorcycle or if you wish to take care of your riding companion in the best way possible. Explore them below.


1. Safety Helmet

Motorcycle Safety Helmets are a legal requirement in the UK and are there to protect the rider from the elements and most importantly against head injuries in the event of an accident. Even the most experienced rider can have an accident which can happen with anyone at any time. But with the use of a proper helmet while riding, the chances of being badly injured are greatly reduced, also you will stay dry in the Great British weather.


2. Gloves and jackets

Much like Helmets,  gloves and jackets are also a safety item and although currently not required by law its highly recommend that they are worn to prevent serious injuries in the event of a fall. Gloves and jackets will also protect you in cold and wet weather while you ride the bike.


3. Boots

Designed for comfortable and safe riding, boots are an essential part of your riding kit. There are many styles available to suit all riders style and machine. From sports boots for racing and track days, Adventure style for your overland tour, to your commuter style shoe so your safe even though your going into the office.  Boots or riding shoes are an important and integral part of motorcycling which will keep you safe and warm and hopefully dry.

4. Motorcycle toolkits

A handy accessory to have and most machines have a basic tool kit under the seat, while its recommend to take you bike to a motorcycle repair shop if you have a problem with you bike, basic maintenance can be carried out with a simple tool kit. For example adjusting leavers or pedals, adjusting your chain and tightening anything that has come loose.


5. Crash protection

Nobody wants to damage there bike, fitting crash sliders or engine bars will help to prevent major damage in the event of a spill or even a simple drop of the stand.  There are many options ranging from swingarm spools, frame sliders, fork protectors, crash sliders, tank pads and bar ends, etc. to help save your riding companion from heavy mishaps and damages.


6. Motorcycle cover

It is much like how we cover all the basic things in our day to day lives; like we buy covers for our home appliances, we buy covers for our cars, we even buy covers for our gadgets too! So, why not buy a cover for our motorcycle? It is great for not just to protecting the vehicle from dust and pollution but it is also helpful in protection against many other things like bird or paint droppings, rain, and most importantly it keeps the bike out of sight from potential thieves.

7. Bluetooth headsets and mobile phone mounts

In today’s technology drive world the need to stay connected is more an more important, no matter if we are riding the bike too! Mobile phones play an integral part of all or live and we cannot simply ignore it while riding. But taking it out of your pocket every time it rings or holding it on your ear while riding seems a bit tough. And that is why the A Bluetooth headset and or a mobile phone holder is a must-have accessory for the biking enthusiast who spends a lot of their time riding.


And, to conclude

We here at S&D Motorcycles have years of experience in dealing with motorcycle Clothing and accessories. and can provide all kinds of accessories that are needed to not only take care of the bike but also you the rider. We are here to help you choose the right kit for your riding style and within your budget.

We recommend that you look to get some (a helmet at the very least)  or all of these essentially riding accessories to keep you safe and allow your to enjoy the ride..

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