Best Apps for Motorcycle Riders

There is nothing more interesting and exciting than to ride on a motorcycle. The speed, coupled with the strong and incredible sound of the machine, makes everyone stare and celebrate the rider’s courage and prowess. This can be made better if you find the best motorcycle rider apps available in the market today. Here are some of them worth your money.

This is one of the motorcycle apps that have gained a lot of popularity in the world of motorcycle riding. It does almost everything you require in the journey such as tracking and sharing vital data including your route, lean angle, and speed. Still, you can detect a crash using the app. The accelerometer is provided in your phone so that notification is sent to your contacts on where and when you have crashed. Note that false alerts are not unlikely. For instance, the alert cannot be sent to your contacts when your phone falls because the GPS indicates that you are not riding.

The app is also helpful when you wish to get into community building projects. Since it is being utilized by many people, making friends is easy. An explore feed is provided to allow you post some of the information that you find necessary. Indeed, you will never be alone in motorcycle riding with this app.

This is one of the motorcycle sat nav apps that provides you with an intuitive interface, making it easy to view when riding. You will get all the data needed even when you fail to hear the voice commands. When the road becomes bumpy and rough, you have the chance to find nice roads in your area. Other motorcyclists create this list and hence, you must play your part to provide the information as well. The route creator is easy to use. The fee paid for the app is affordable and worthwhile.

It can be frustrating to get stuck in the middle of nowhere because your motorcycle has run out of gas. After making endless phone calls, you will be forced to throw your safety in the hands of well wishers. Even so, this can be avoided by finding the GasBuddy app. It helps you to find the next fuel stop so that you can be at ease in your rides. When you opt to pay using the app, you are offered a chance to save on some costs. Sharing the information with your friends using the app will help you to create fun and exciting motorcycle riding moments.

When on a car rides, you may not be overly concerned about the weather because you are shielded inside the machine. Understanding the changing weather patterns may not be as critical as it is for a motorcycle rider. No matter how much protective your clothing is, your body is still likely to be exposed to the harsh weather conditions. It is in this light that Dark Sky was designed. You are offered updates on the weather changes so that you can prepare accordingly. Weekly predictions are made to help you decide the times when a ride is appropriate.

This app is designed for all motorists. Whether you drive a truck, bus, or a motorcycle, it will always come in handy. The beauty about this is that you get all the information you need for safe and efficient rides. The motorists report on everything including the cops making numerous demands and arresting you for simple things. You can avoid the route and get to your destination on time. Still, you can rely on the app to help you know the construction sites and traffic on a given route. It has been seen as an alternative to Google maps and is helpful during the long distant travel.

With this app, you have the chance to discover new places to ride and people who love riding. This is because it encourages the users to share the information on the rides they have tracked. You will see the images and comments about such places from other riders. Still, you have a chance to get highlights on the best roads in the country even when you are offline. This is because of the Butler Maps feature offered in the premium membership package.

Sometime you just yearn to ride to a far off place and camp. During the night, you can watch the sky and try to count the star. It will make more sense if you have downloaded the Star Walk that displays all the stars and planets above you. The history of the galaxy will be offered just to add some juice into the story. The map is updated in real time, which means that you can keep moving and learn in the process.


It is always exciting to keep track of your riding activities. With this app, you can keep track of the moments you serviced your motorcycle, the mileages you have taken, and payments you made on fuel. It is also possible to scan documents on the insurance cover and financial agreements made with the salespersons. With such records, you can make changes in your spending and prove to the world that you are a responsible rider.

When on a long distance travel, there is likelihood that you will not keep track of the road notes and speed. Your focus is always on on having fun rather than taking photos. It will be disappointing if you will go back home without anything to show for your exciting journey. Polarsteps helps you to synchronize all the routes and stops. It will further geo tag them and organize them in a way that you can share with all your friends. You must have an internet connection to get the services.

While riding, you may have realized that it is difficult to communicate with others or listen to music even when the Bluetooth system speakers are connected to your phone. The noise made by the powerful motorcycles, coupled with the wind, leaves you a limited chance of getting all the information you need. If you are dealing with an important conversation, you may want to stop somewhere. This is time wasting, to say the least. Avoid this frustration by investing in the Speakerboost app. The volume will be boosted to an extent that it is difficult to ignore the sounds from your phone. Nonetheless, you must avoid turning the volume too loud because it can damage the phone’s speakers.

This is one of the motorcycle rider apps that come in handy when you need to calculate fuel consumption. You do not have to jog your brain to recall the once forgotten mathematics concepts because it is done automatically. Such information helps you to determine how much you are spending on the rides and whether you need to make changes in the area. The data can be a spreadsheet and thus help you during the payment of taxes.

This app helps you to plan long trips. You will discover destinations such as the hotels, diners, local attractions and scenic spots even before embarking on a journey. Accordingly, you can budget and determine how long the trip will last.

All the apps described in this article are great until the battery on dies. You are left without help and direction. With the Battery Doctor app, this can be avoided because it helps you to view how much the energy is being spent on every app and how the battery life can be extended during a ride. You will never be caught off guard.



Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide App​

First aid

There is always a chance that you will get into an accident when riding on a motorcycle. In fact, it is one of the reasons why many people avoid such rides. You don’t have to fear but instead, find the Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide App so that you can be aware of what to do in case of an accident. Whether you have a signal or not, you can get step-to-step guide videos on how to treat the wounds, bee stings, heat stroke and cuts among other things.

Choosing the Right Applications​

Certainly, there are many motorcycle apps to choose from today. You can narrow down to the most appropriate ones by focusing on:


1. The Price

The apps are offered at different prices depending on their functionality. Choose the app that offer you value for your money.


2. Your Pressing Needs

The best motorcycle rider apps help you to meet all your needs while riding. Go for the type that aids you to meet the most pressing needs. Being aware of the directions, the fuel locations, and what to do in case of an accident is enough for most riders. It is possible to get all these features from one package, helping you to save on costs.


Remarkably, motorcycle riders have been jailed after the police view the details recorded in an application. For instance, the police can see that you were over speeding at some point or using prohibited routes. As such, you must manage your apps in such a way that such occurrences are avoided.


With a range of motorcycle apps, it is critical to find a company that can advise you accordingly. S&D Motorcycles Company has been supplying all motorcycle accessories for over 40 years. You can rely on us to guide you through.

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